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Albuquerque, NM - Tiwa Territory
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October 11, 2020 - ALL DAY
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Host: Autonomous

Meeting location: Citywide

Time: 12am
We will be showing resistance all weekend by creating and displaying visual reminders of historical settler violence and ongoing state violence. 
Calling into the center: 
Police brutality towards the community such as in the cases of James Boyd, Mary Hawkes, and Arthur Lujan. State violence toward resistance movements like the Black Berets (Rito Carnales & Antonio Cordova & Bobby Garcia) and BLM (Clifton White & Selinda Guerrero). Colonial violence on Indigenous bodies - MMIW/MMIR such as Audra Willis, Tobias Yellowhorse, Cowboy and Rabbit. We have not forgotten. We will not forget. APD and ALL state agents have blood on their hands.
Our community has been absolutely correct in calling out our decision to include Tobias Yellowhorse's deadname in our original event submission and we appreciate their effort in doing so.
We did run into an issue while drafting our submission - a majority of the media that has come out about Tobias' case is only in association with their deadname, requiring those who want to stay up to date on their case to search their deadname. This is a problem. It's completely unacceptable that our local media continues to treat ppl as they have Tobias Yellowhorse, Terri Benally, and many other relatives and their families. We believe they do this purposely to dehumanize our relatives and distance Indigenous pain from the mainsteam.
That being said, we did not have to perpetuate this mistreatment. We should have taken the time to explain this issue with better context within our original submission. Our relatives deserve to be handled with care and we have a responsibility to do so. We thank our community for holding us accountable and foe caring for our relatives in the way that they do. 
- In Solidarity
Albuquerque, NM - Tiwa Territory